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Consuo UI User Manual

Consuo provides a user interface for easier interaction with the Consuo Schedule service. The user interface features the following funcionality:

  • Create, edit and delete channels
  • Create and delete auto-scheduled and manual events for the channels
  • View the created channels and scheduled events
  • Video preview of a created channel
  • Filter events by date

Home Page

Create a channel

To create your first channel, fill in the id and name. If you enable auto-scheduling, your channel will be populated with content found in the xml-file you provide.

Channel Form

Create events

To manually create an event, click the calendar-icon to view the channels' schedule and click on the plus to open the form.

Event Form

Choose a title, asset id, the event's start time, the asset's uri, and the duration of the asset. After the event is successfully created, the start time is adjusted to the end time of the previously created event, so you can easily create events back-to-back. To watch a preview of the channel, click the eye-icon.

Channel Row

By default, all scheduled events created for the channel are shown. You can also filter the events' start times by date by clicking the buttons, or by choosing a date in the date picker.

Filter buttons