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CONSUO - Bringing VOD to Live

Consuo is a software, running in Docker containers on your private or public cloud, that offers the functionality to generate virtual linear TV streams from available VOD library. No additional live transcoding is necessary which means you can create a large number of channels to a fraction of the cost of a real linear TV stream.

Using a technique commonly referred to as VOD to Live this is possible without requiring any live transcoding. A benefit that makes it possible to scale this to a large number of channels to a fraction of the cost compared to live 24/7 transcoding.

Consuo Architectur

An API is provided to create channels and administer schedules.

Consuo Community Edition

This is the open source and free edition of this component that provides the core VOD to live functionality as a ready-to-use library. Available as a Node JS library and the source code is available on GitHub.

For instructions on how to get started with the Community Edition visit the GitHub repository.

Consuo Commercial Edition

The commercial edition of Consuo is a bundle of Docker containers that you deploy in your private or public cloud environment. It contains everything you need to get started including a:

  • Schedule and Channel Manager
  • Channel Engine (VOD to Live server)
  • Web-based User Interface to manage channels and schedules
  • Support for MongoDB (bundled by default) and AWS DynamoDB NoSQL databases

Read the Getting Started guide to be quickly up and running with a virtual channel.

Together with the Commercial Edition we also offer Consuo Professional Services if you want help integrating this component into your system. For more information about the Professional Services contact


Consuo Community Edition

For questions, discussions or general technical support regarding the community edition, join the Streaming Tech Sweden Slack and the room #consuo.

Consuo Commercial Edition

Contact your designated account manager at Eyevinn Technology.